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My Favorite Stoner Essentials

Skunk Bag

I have 4 different Skunk Bags. I have 1 backpack, 2 travel size carrying cases, and 1 fold up wallet size. By far I use the 2 travel size carrying cases the most. If you know Skunk Bags, you are familiar with their activated-carbon smell-proof technology that works amazingly well. They also have combination locks to keep the goods private. In addition, my 2 travel cases are different styles which both have detachable Velcro separators to build your own different compartments, so that delicate cargo can rest easy. They come in super clutch every time I leave the house to sesh somewhere else!

Quik Wikk Hemp Wick

I didn’t always love hemp wick, mainly because it can be a pain in the ass. After trying it out for a while though, I could easily notice the difference in taste when I would smoke using a lighter instead. I hate ‘shakin all about’ trying to put the flame out before it burns my finger when I am trying to just take a rip. Quik Wikk actually solves that problem for me because I can hold the little spool and just blow the flame out with my exhale. It provides a simple way to enjoy the health and flavor benefits of hemp wick.

Appreciate the Ganja Silicone Water Pipe

This piece is so easy to clean, and I never have to worry about breaking it! Which is awesome, because it’s been knocked over a time or two. I used to not be a fan of my hit not being visible while in the chamber, but I’ve gotten used to it, mainly because this bad boy rips hard and makes it a cloudy hit every time. That makes one satisfied stoner. Not to mention it glows in the dark! Seriously dope.

Erbanna Bag

I have a few different Erbanna products; 1 backpack, 1 medium coin purse, 1 small coin purse, and 1 doob tube case. Erbanna has smell-proof bags that are stylish for the ladies, and even some that are both sleek & discreet for the guys. The designs are unique, fashion-forward, and perfect for containing the odor of my favorite products.

Mystic Timber Dabber

These awesome little dabbers, carb caps and roach clips are simply ideal. I just love the look of the different color woods that they use for the holder, and they are clearly made with love because they are so clean and sturdy. Crafted exceptionally, the dab tip is available in a variety of different shapes, and the cap can be arranged in several different styles, made to fit with virtually any piece. You have the freedom to truly customize your own dab tool to be your perfect match. Plus, the clips have a magnet on one end which has come in handy countless times.


Traveling with a pipe can sometimes be messy, plus you also need a jar or bag too. I love the OddoBox because it’s just about the coolest box ever. What to the untrained eye looks like a, well, “Odd” little box-like contraption with a doohickey on the side, actually slides open to reveal two separate chambers, one with enough space to hold a decent couple gram pre-grinded stash, and another little circular bowl for the goods to burn. On one end of the box is a tiny hole (mouthpiece) for inhaling. That’s not it. It also has a little loop spot for a keychain or lanyard attachment. Here is where it gets really neat; The doohickey on the side I mentioned is actually a little knob that when you turn it, your product gets loaded from your stash chamber into your bowl! It’s neat, discreet, and wooden? Come on, who wouldn’t want something this rad?!

Precision Grinder

My precision grinder is a beautiful bright purple color, and oh so smooth to the touch. It came with a cute guitar pick inside the kief catcher chamber, which I thought was a cute nod to what I, myself, and have seen many other fellow stoners use as a kief scooper. This is a high quality piece of metal, in fact, it's an aerospace grade aluminum grinder. It does exactly what I need it to in only a few short turns.

Envy Glass Pieces

Honestly, it’s not too difficult to see how Envy Glass came up with their name. If you’ve ever owned one of their gorgeous pieces, you will know that you’ve truly become the envy of a lot of your fellow stoners. These artistically designed pieces are exquisitely ornate, utilizing the most ethereal aesthetic appeal possible; dazzling rainbow colors, delicate frosted etchings, a variety of crystals, and extraordinary techniques such electroformed copper plated pieces. Once you’ve beheld the beauty of one of these precious pieces, you will envy any lips lucky enough to touch it.

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