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When approaching most people about what they look for when buying a new glass piece, patrons are quick to demand a few key factors; Quality, Durability, and Function. Quality and Durability are a high priority because anyone who has broken a beloved glass piece has experienced the heart wrenching disappointment that goes along with the shattered dreams of a piece that once was. The math is simple: fragile glass pieces are just not “worth it” to customers. The function is important because a great quality, durable piece needs to function like a champ since it’s going to last a long time. Last but not least, the visual appeal of any product is never lost on consumers, leading their wandering eyes in the direction of what looks the best.

Before it’s launch in January of this year, Arcatek Glass set out to create an eye-catching line of high quality, top functioning water pipes that will pay respect to the needs and desires of all glass customers. Each piece was designed to stand out among the crowd and draw attention to it’s creativity and high functioning qualities. In addition, the complete line was made with thick, heavy glass prepared to withstand long-term use. Finally, a consumer can feel comfortable purchasing an artistic piece without the fear of it being reduced to shards before they’ve had the chance to get really acquainted.

Arcatek started off with 5 different styles; Button Cube, Diamond Base Double Spore, Torpedo Button, Double Gear and UFO Globe that come in 4 colors (mint, green, orange and pink). Each of the glass piece’s designs are engraved in to give it extra texture and a unique quality. Each glass piece also has multiple different percolators for a smooth hit, not to mention that many consumers just love to see the different bubbles created from a great percolator! Currently all Arcatek glass is 14 inches in height and is 19MM Bowl. They have a YouTube "How to Video" for each piece to see the function in action on their website.

Nicole Tourangeau, Digital Media Designer & Marketing Assistant at S & E Distributor Inc. shed some light on how Arcatek does glass differently. “Design: Our attention to detail stretches from our ordering process to the construction and care of our products. Each pipe is individually wrapped and boxed with its own barcode number. Quality: Being the manufacturer and distributor, we are able to create the highest quality of glass in the industry. Experience: Our sales team and customer service representatives are professional and want to work with you to create a seamless ordering process. We have designated customer service reps who are full-time and can address any needs. We wanted to create a higher end glass brand that is separate from Tsunami. We wanted a product that will stick out and be bold. The glass is extremely thick and the bright colors and engravings will catch your eye. Our biggest goal is to create the highest-quality smoking experience that is affordable.”

Arcatek is looking forward to coming out with new styles for the line in the coming months. If you missed the Arcatek debut at TPE in Las Vegas, you can still visit their booth and see the pieces in all their glory in person at Champs Las Vegas in February 2018 and ASD Las Vegas in March 2018! Arcatek Glass operates under S & E Distributors and items can be purchased and viewed at or

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