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Wing King Infuzed

The ways cannabis users choose to medicate varies. Many people choose to smoke the plant, others choose to consume it. One way you can consume cannabis is by enjoying a delicious plate of wings. That’s right, wings! Wing King Infuzed offers 80 flavors of cannabis infused sauces that even a novice cook can easily add to their own wings, or even kabobs, burgers, and more right at home. As the 1st place runner-up at the High Times Cannabis Chef Competition this year, Wing King Infuzed offers only the tastiest cannabis infused sauces. Each bottle of sauce is infused with 500mg of the highest quality 96% raw distillate supplied by Speakeasy 710 in Irvine, CA. Just a few of the savory (and sweet!) flavors among the 80 choices include Jamaican Jerk Hot, Sweet Chili Jerk, “Butta” Milk Syrup, and Spicy Strawberry Cheesecake.

The man behind the sauce is Brian Peace from Louisiana. Brian suffered from epileptic seizures, trying everything his doctors could prescribe, but 10 years of western medicine couldn’t keep the seizures under control. When Brian moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, he found access to marijuana. After becoming a daily cannabis smoker, Brian realized that it had been months since his last seizure and discovered he was being medicated by the cannabis. He decided to begin to ween himself off his prescribed medications and continue to use cannabis regularly. After a year of gradually reducing his medications, he had stopped taking his prescribed medications completely and still hadn’t had another seizure. That’s when he decided he wanted to share his revelation with his friends and family.

Wing King was rated the #1 wing restaurant in Nevada by thanks to his creative variety of sauces and his own special take on wings: Pig Wings. The restaurant is excited to announce being featured on “Food Paradise” on the Travel Channel in July. But, just having a successful wing restaurant isn’t where Brian calls it quits. He wanted to share his love and excitement for the health benefits of cannabis with others. That is how he came up with the idea to infuse his wing sauces with cannabis. Then, while working at a Cannabis Cooking Show for Weedmaps, Brian met the owner of Speakeasy 710 and asked him to provide the product to infuse the sauces.

As for the Wing King Infuzed sauces, they are available for purchase through Weedmaps in California. In addition to the sauces, Brian decided to offer another product: Lean King. It is a 500mg bottle of SC Lab tested 96% raw distillate syrup that can be poured into drinks. The Lean King is available in 8 flavors, including Watermelon Wreck, Mango Dream, and Vanilla Cookies. He decided to offer Lean King as another way to consume cannabis that would be more quick and convenient for someone who is medicating and needs more immediate relief. What makes Lean King different from many other lean products is the absence of food grade BHO which is not tested. Lean King products are proud to provide only the highest quality distillate to their customers.

Following the success of the Lean King syrups, Brian decided to add a CBD only line of Wing King Infuzed and Lean King Products to provide a way for people to enjoy the healing effects of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC. He is especially proud of being able to offer these CBD only products to parents of children who could benefit from the medicinal properties or simply for children who could use more calm and focus, as well as to senior citizens who are finding numerous health and wellness benefits from CBD. Each bottle of CBD sauce and syrup are infused with an active 100mg of CBD isolate from the largest legal CBD farm in the United States provided by Speakeasy 710.

In an effort to provide an even easier way to medicate, Brian is currently in the process of adding another hit to his line of high quality infused products, called Iriee LeaNmonade. The Iriee LeaNmonade will be bottled cannabis infused lemonade ready to drink! It will be infused with 100mg of distillate and is going to be available in a variety of flavors, coming soon.

For those interested in trying out the #1 wing restaurant in Nevada, Wing King can be found inside Shooter’s Sports Bar at 4465 E Sahara Ave in Las Vegas. As an ode to his inspiration for the brand, cannabis and reggae music, Brian has decorated the restaurant with reggae music memorabilia. In addition to being available through Weedmaps, Wing King Infuzed products can be found at Speakeasy 710, Point Loma, and Dr.GreenRx in California. For more information, visit his website at

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