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CBD Drip: Brand Editorial

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has been a common thread in trending topics lately. Many consumers are curious to learn more about how it works and how they can benefit from CBD. Erik Apple & The team at CBD Drip in Costa Mesa, CA started out by distributing and supplying E liquid back in 2008. So many people were interested in CBD that they took it upon ourselves to start a new brand in an effort to make CBD products more accessible to the community. Now, that vision has expanded into a bigger world, and CBD Drip aims to combine the benefits of hemp with supplements that most Americans know and love already.

CBD Drip sources their CBD from imported mature Hemp stalk from the Netherlands. This is important because it helps eliminate toxins like heavy metals which is a common problem in these industries. Also, at the moment, imported hemp is the only way to be fully compliant federally and in each state. They manufacture the final products in a FDA registered facility. Erik Apple at CBD Drip emphasizes, “We were one of the first brands in this space. We have always gone above and beyond to provide some of the best and most CBD rich products on the market. We also have a better understanding of how to better offer a full spectrum of hemp oil and other oils that work in conjunction with our CBD oil.”

Eco Caps are CBD Drip’s featured best seller. They are vegan thanks to their substitution of the common gelatin capsule with a veggie capsule instead, and they are an actual full spectrum hemp extract which isn't just CBD but many cannabinoids. They are a much higher concentrate then all of the current capsules on the market. Eco Caps contain 30 plus mg of CBD in addition to other cannabinoids, compared to 5-15mg in many other similar products. They take pride in being fairly priced compared to other brands, because they break it down by what you are actually getting in milligrams, plus the benefit of all the other compounds of the plant. In addition, they are actually made and controlled in an FDA controlled lab by one of the largest nutraceutical facilities in North America. The quality controls are unmatched in the CBD space.

CBD Drip is thrilled to introduce new products. They plan for these products to help take CBD/Hemp oil from a “vape thing”, and an outlying supplement for the few that are informed, to a well-known, daily supplement that all Americans love. They have also brought in several world class Athletes to showcase how CBD benefits active people, just as much as it benefits someone with challenging health issues. They are introducing several new products under a new umbrella company, called Eco Sciences. The new product line will include Eco Shots and Eco Drops. Eco Shots will be a single serving shot that you drink either for energy or relaxation, which both include CBD. Eco Drops will be an MCT oil supplement containing CBD.

Erik reflects on the greatest part of being a member of the CBD Drip team, “We love selling a product that helps people. I have an Action Sports marketing background, so the cannabis industry is new to me. The thing that struck me first, when I came to work here, was how many people contact us every single day, thanking us, or commentating about how much we help them. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes.” There are a number of shows where you can find the CBD Drip team in action; ASD Tradeshow, Champs, BIG Industry Show, TPD Tradeshow, NACS and AATAC , VAPE Expo Poland, and VAPE Expo UK. You can also view their website at for more information about their exciting breakthroughs in the CBD world!

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