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About Booking;


All of the models on this page are experienced professionals, and likely can step in and assert her own duties and standards of work ethic, but to ensure a clear understanding on both parties, a model contract that outlines basic principals and expectations for both parties will be signed prior to Booking Confirmation. When booking a Brand Ambassador/Promo Model for your Trade Show or Event, please remember to consider and plan ahead for the following:

How to Pay

Models expect to be paid in person by cash, check, paypal, or venmo at the end of day, the last day of the Trade Show or Event. If paid parking was required, models are expected to provide a receipt and receive parking cost reimbursement from you.


During an 8 hour booking, it is your discretion to provide either a 30 minute or 1 hour unpaid lunch break, and 2 additional 15-minute breaks. During a 6 hour booking, please provide a 30 minute unpaid lunch break and at least 1 additional 15-minute break. During a 4 hour booking please provide at least one 15-minute break. You are not required to provide lunch but it is always appreciated.

When is it Confirmed?

After you book a model online (and pay the $25 per model, per day booking fee) The model you selected will be contacted right away for confirmation. Within 24-48 hours you will receive a Model Contract signed by the model. Once you sign the contract and send it back, you will receive a Booking Confirmation email.

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